[how to love yourself] why i’m obsessed with lucille ball

Guys. I. LOVE. Lucy. Love her.  Who wouldn’t?

She was absolutely gorgeous. She was real. She went through hard times. She loved abundantly. Looking back on her life, as someone who (unfortunately) never met this wonderful women, it seemed like all she wanted to do was make people laugh.

And she did. She enthralled a nation who responded with guffaws, chuckles, knee slaps, and love. They loved Lucy.

Lucille Ball has been a hero to me for a very long time. I can’t remember the exact moment I watched her in black and white acting crazy on my television screen and thought, “I want to be like her”, but it happened. And then, as a freshman in high school, when I was scared and new and didn’t know what I was doing, a UIL One Act Play judge gave me an award and told me I reminded him of Lucy.

In that moment I realized that someone telling me I was like Lucy was enough for me to keep pursuing something I might really love. So I did. I went to college and am about to graduate with a Theatre degree because I believe it okay to view making people laugh as a worthy pursuit.

I’m still figuring things out. I’m still scared. Unsure. Wary. I often feel like I’m not good enough. I often think that there are so many more important things I could[should] be doing with my life. But I love acting. I love making people laugh. It makes me happy. And if Lucy taught me anything, it’s that you should do what makes you happy.

Lucy fishes

love that girl.