stress city

I am at a point where nothing is more stressful than impending adulthood. NOTHING. Today I ate soft serve and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch. Does that sound like the diet of a healthy, functioning adult to you?

Blerg. I mean, what even is this? Yesterday I got a sunburn in my beginning tennis class (hooray for a one hour credit where I get to look like an idiot and flail around with a raquet!) because Texas is stupid and decided to skip spring. I also went to a loan repayment seminar because, hey, I have those and apparently they weren’t given to me just because I’m awesome. Let’s be real, they should have been.
So, after I call my dad freaking out because PRIVATE SCHOOL IS EXPENSIVE Y’ALL, DANG, I remembered that I had a masterworks test I needed to study for. Being a theatre major is not all Meisner and farcical fun, sometimes you have to know what’s canonical and why, etc etc. Long story short, too much stress and I gave myself a lovely migraine. Had to call into work which means less money to pay off my stupid expensive loans. Life is hard, dadgum it.

So, I now declare that I have never been more stressed about things than right now, nor could I ever be. Stress will never be more than this…at least until next time.

(hey TMJ, great to see you)

future life times

All that I’ve done today is read blogs. Well, that, bake some cookies, and drop off a check at the bank. Granted, they were blogs that pertain to my future life and what I want to do with it, so in that sense it was kind of research.

I’m just not very good at being a sedentary person. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to take a day off and not move from your space on your parents’ comfy couch, but how many of those does it take before that’s your regular day? Thankfully, neither myself nor my parents would ever allow that to happen. It is very easy to see the future in a negative light, especially with everything negative you hear about everyone else’s future. All I hear is that the economy is in the pooper. People my age are simply out of luck. A college degree is next to useless (even if it’s not a BFA), get ready to work at McDonald’s if you’re lucky enough to get a job (hey, food service, already prepared to head at ya!).

The good thing about what I want to do is I’m expecting a certain rate of what others would consider failure for a while. I’m actually pretty excited about it, because it means working to do what I love, and I really enjoy doing what I love strangely enough. Before that happens though, I have about four weeks left of classes and six months after that of working to have a nice little safety net of cash before I head out to the daunting city that is Los Angeles.