stress city

I am at a point where nothing is more stressful than impending adulthood. NOTHING. Today I ate soft serve and a chocolate chip cookie for lunch. Does that sound like the diet of a healthy, functioning adult to you?

Blerg. I mean, what even is this? Yesterday I got a sunburn in my beginning tennis class (hooray for a one hour credit where I get to look like an idiot and flail around with a raquet!) because Texas is stupid and decided to skip spring. I also went to a loan repayment seminar because, hey, I have those and apparently they weren’t given to me just because I’m awesome. Let’s be real, they should have been.
So, after I call my dad freaking out because PRIVATE SCHOOL IS EXPENSIVE Y’ALL, DANG, I remembered that I had a masterworks test I needed to study for. Being a theatre major is not all Meisner and farcical fun, sometimes you have to know what’s canonical and why, etc etc. Long story short, too much stress and I gave myself a lovely migraine. Had to call into work which means less money to pay off my stupid expensive loans. Life is hard, dadgum it.

So, I now declare that I have never been more stressed about things than right now, nor could I ever be. Stress will never be more than this…at least until next time.

(hey TMJ, great to see you)

let's hear it!

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