welcome to [north]hollywood!

Dang. I’m here! I actually made it here with all of my limbs and some money in the bank. I’m fairly impressed with myself.

I decided I really want to try to update this blog on a regular basis, at the very least for my family to be able to sort of keep up with the shenanigans I’m getting into. So today’s post is going to be about the move, and on Thursday I’ll write about what it’s actually like a resident of Los Angeles (in my limited experience) and what I’ve been up to since Friday!

So, the trip! My parents and I left my (practically) childhood home of Haslet, Texas at the lovely hour of 5 on Wednesday morning. My dear old dad drove our moving van and mama was stuck driving my little Insight. The first day we made it all the way to the edge of New Mexico and stayed in a town whose name I can’t remember. But it was nice because I love NM. There was a wonderful surprise waiting for us the next morning in the form of snow! And ice! Which we had to defrost off of our cars! Seeing as I moved from extra hot Texas to just regular hot Los Angeles, that might be the only bit of winter I experience this year. And I would be okay with that.

Thursday we drove from that one town in New Mexico to Los Angeles. The whole drive was just great and simple right up until we hit the outskirts of LA. Typically we slowed immediately down to about 20 mph and enjoyed the wonderful gift of driving with crazy LA drivers in rush hour. We did make it to our hotel in North Hollywood, (where some parking hijinks ensued) and collapsed gratefully into our beds at the end of that night. Friday morning after a bit of scary will-we-fit-in-these-narrow-lanes-or-not tomfoolery with the Budget, we arrived at my little apartment. And happily began to unload my and my roommates things for the next FIVE HOURS. Let’s have a hooray for extra fantastic parents. If yours suck you can just add a hooray in for mine.

Yikes. This is likely the most boring blog post ever, but I really wanted to get going and before I did an actual LOOK AT ME HERE I AM HOLLYWOOD YAHOO post I wanted to do a OH THIS IS SAD BUT ALSO AWESOME AND STRANGE AND OH MY HEAVENS LOOK SHE MADE IT post.


Okay. So there’s that update. Get ready for the equally thrilling Thursday update where I talk about applying to work at the 24 hour Subway. Oh, but I get ahead of myself.

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