a few days ago in an apartment far far away…

Wow. It is really hard to come up with things to write for a blog! But I really want this to be a thing, so I’m working to actually write something that might be interesting to more than just my mom.

So. This blog is going to be about an online submission I sent in a few days ago!

About a week ago a link was posted to the Baylor Theatre facebook page that had to do with an open casting call for Disney. This sounded très sketch, but I checked it out anyway. Lo and behold, it seemed to be a legitimate open casting call for the new Star Wars movie! Completely random, but as my unemployed butt didn’t have anything better to do my roommate and I decided we would film each other’s auditions and send them in. Thankfully he has a tripod and a camera or it could have been a little more interesting. The description of the character I was reading for is as follows:

Seeking: Young woman to play 17-18 Years old. Must be beautiful, smart and athletic. Open to all ethnicities (including bi- and multi-racial).

Yikes. Hey Hollywood, great to see ya. Beautiful, smart, and athletic? Really? Okay, no fatties or uglies or dumbies allowed. The heck? It was kind of sad for me to see that but it also reminded me of where I am and what I’m doing. This is Los Angeles. This is Hollywood. Only the beautiful need apply.

Beautiful? Thankfully I have great self esteem, so I slopped on some maquillage to make myself a convincing 17. Which is funny because without makeup I look about 15, so I didn’t really need it to look young. However, I did want to be able to fulfill the beautiful requirement. And as long as my mama says I’m beautiful that’s what I’m going with.

Athletic? Ehhhhhhhno. Do I want to be? Yes! In fact I went to my first spin class today (it was heated like hot yoga) and it was awesome and kicked my butt and I can’t wait to be back. But at this point I’ve had a few too many croissants to be considered Athletic. How did I solve this problem? Well, for the full body shot I stood up straight and maybe took a really deep breath and held it. Worked out okay for me.

Smart. This is the one that made me laugh because SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I could be the dumbest person in the room but as long as I can read the script in front of the camera you have no way of knowing my level of thinkingness. I could be the next Stephen Hawking. Plus, it’s ACTING. Acting is pretending to be something. It may be something you are and it may be something you’re not. THAT’S THE POINT.

Anyway. John and I recorded our auditions and sent them in! Woo! Do I expect anything to come of it? Certainly not. But I did get to audition for Star Wars and that’s extra fun.

Here’s the website if you want to audition! http://opencastingcall2013.com

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