instructions not included

My goal right now is not to let myself become depressed/angry by the fact that I have sent in AT LEAST 35 applications and have received two responses. One of which was an interview that then got canceled because they filled the position (thanks a lot JERK WHO GOT INTERVIEWED BEFORE ME) and the other is Craigslist related and thus potentially sketchy. Not that everything related to the ol’ craig is sketch city, but yes it is. So there’s that.

In trying to stay in line with my goal, (I mean what’s a gal to do? I feel so useless but until someone gives me an interview I just have to keep filling out applications which is just the worst) today’s blog is going to be a list of all the reasons why whoever gave out the adulthood certificate should be fired. I haven’t earned mine yet.

1. Even though I already ate some ice cream today, I just made myself a milkshake. Gosh it was so good and also now my tummy is a little hurt.

2. I’ve been wearing the same paint covered shorts for probably the past five days. Sometimes I change shorts when I leave my house. But generally not. 

3. I’ve been working out steadily for the first time since 8th grade I’m pretty sure! But the only way I can get myself to go is to sign up later than 12 hours before. The cancellation policy is if you don’t cancel 12 hours before the class, you have to pay the full price. I’m too cheap (and unemployed) to pay twice fore something I don’t show up for, so this little lass has gotten up at 5:30 four mornings in a row and worked out! 

4. Actually number three might be okay as an adulthood qualification.

4. The other number four didn’t count. If I am having any sort of problem at all I call my parents. If I am having any sort of achievement at all I call my parents. If something random happens or I completed five more applications or I stubbed my toe I call my parents. Today I left my mom a Skype message showing her how sweaty I got after my work out this morning. Because she didn’t answer. And I wanted her to see how sweaty I was. Too much. I’m just too much to handle.

But I was exceptionally sweaty.

5. I’m tired of coming up with things for this list so I’m stopping here.

Ugh. See guys?! I’m totally unqualified to be an adult. Someone should take care of this. I think my mom needs to call all these places I’ve been applying and let them know that I’m a special snowflake who deserves an interview! 

What’s great and also kind of weird is that I’m pretty sure she would. 

This blog is going to be extra successful mostly because I never just start writing without any sort of plan as to what I’m going to write about. My posts are always concise and sensible. This is going really well for me. 

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