and now i’m employed

My dad is actually the one who reminded me of this. Before I moved to Los Angeles, I talked about the job I would have to support me while I began to pursue my career. At various times, I said different things that would be nice to have in a future job. I wanted something I could do early in the morning so I would have my afternoons free for auditioning and my nights free for events and class. After a not so great experience at an extremely corporate restaurant, I craved something small. And, in a sort of pipe dream, I talked about how nice it would be if I found a job where I could speak French.

Never once did I think that I would find a job that I did. It’s funny, and I didn’t even realize it until my dad pointed it out, but it fits everything I had talked about. The things I talked about were not things I had hoped to find all in one job. I thought maybe I’d find a job that fulfilled one of the things I wanted, maybe two. Right now I work as a sort of cashier/hostess/server at a French cafe/crêperie in a town called Sierra Madre. I go to work at 6:30 and am home before noon five days a week. I get to speak French everyday with the multiple French people who work there, including the Parisian owner. It’s small, and there aren’t many people who work there. I’m so content.

Of course, it’s not perfect. It does, however, have the potential to be wonderful. This job alone is not going to be enough, and I’ll be looking again for a second job come the new year until I am getting enough auditions that turn into jobs. For now, I’m feeling much happier. I’ve got a job I don’t dread going to everyday. It allows me the freedom to pursue what I came here for, while still getting to work on my love of languages and be immersed in the culture I miss. 

I’m still getting used to things here, but much less surprises me. Last friday was my monthiversary with LA! It’s not as terrifying to drive into Hollywood anymore. (Nobody’s lying to you when they say the traffic is awful or the people are ridiculous drivers. It’s all true, and my least favorite part so far!) It’s fun that on my way back home from the bible study I go to I get to see the Hollywood sign. My apartment is almost finished and soon I’m going to put up Christmas decorations! Things are clicking. Things are great.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the hiatus, these past couple of weeks have been a bit tumultuous. Sometime this week I’ll have a post full of pictures so you can really see what I’ve been up to. 

2 thoughts on “and now i’m employed

  1. Shelby I just wanted to tell you how very proud I am of you! I love reading your post and wish you the best. I know it will not be long before you are the new up and coming star we all know you are. I miss and love you!

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