i may have spoken too soon…

So I pretty much lead off with my last post about how things felt quiet, not that I was bored but more just that I felt sort of stagnant.

Well, believe me, things are nowhere near stagnant now. I did get another job, so hooray for that! I’m working at this gorgeous theatre in Beverly Hills, which is bizarre in and of itself. There are certain small things that sort of jar me into remembering that I do actually live in Los Angeles now, and working in Beverly Hills is one of them.

It must be the Texas gal in me, but I do not understand the point of having those beautiful huge mansions right on the edge of the road. I mean, what’s the point?

Yesterday morning I was stuck in my apartment complex for a little while because the garage door was broken.

I went to a Mexican food restaurant strictly because I saw they had queso on their menu, and sadly, it wasn’t really queso. More like fondue.

And in between all these exciting happenings, I’ve been auditioning! Which is so much more time consuming than I realized. So mostly I’m just running here and there and everywhere and crying myself to sleep as I watch the gas prices get higher and higher.

One thought on “i may have spoken too soon…

  1. Wow Shel, that Is really exciting and wonderful at the same time. Remember there are only 24 hours in a day and you need to leave some Shelby time. Very happy for you and what an exciting life you are having. Love you !

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