willpower – can i get a refund?

Guys, I really think I got the short end of the stick in terms of willpower. I have none. Trying to push myself into doing something I don’t want to do is like trying to wrangle an unruly two-year old: exhausting.

It can be frustrating to look at other people and it seems like with no effort they are able to accomplish all these great things, and I look at myself and how did that cookie get in my hand?

and now i want cookies.

It can be hard for anyone to get up and do something not necessarily pleasant in order to better themselves. Personally I think this culture of Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram makes it even harder. When all you see is the polished and perfect pictures of everyone else’s victories, it can make your own look small and insignificant.

Here’s what’s great, though. Your victories are no better or worse or grander or smaller than anyone else’s! No one else is living your life, dealing with your hardships, or celebrating your triumphs. This doesn’t mean you can’t be happy for other people or find encouragement or get a jumpstart kick in the rear from the hard work of others, just that there’s no reason to compare the end result.

What if you’re like me, and you have all these goals and none of the actual gumption to do them? Well, here’s my advice to all of us like-minded people:

put down the cookie

and do it.

no more excuses.

the best part is, you can pick the cookie back up at any time, because you’re an adult and that’s one of the only good things about adulthood. the choice to put it down in pursuit of something that will ultimately make you more happy and fulfilled is the hard one, because the cookie looks so good right now and those things look so hard to accomplish.

they are hard to accomplish. and that cookie is really good. but, the cookie will only make you happy for a moment, and hopefully the other things will lead to long term satisfaction and contentment.

depending on your goals.

and depending on how much you like cookies.


let's hear it!

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