people let me tell you ’bout my best friend

I’ve never been the type of person who was just super great friends with everyone. I have a handful of really good friends, and some friends who I’m very grateful for and I love to see and hang out with, but I only have one best friend.


I’ve been best friends with this chicka since the 7th grade, and over the course of our middle school to high school friendship, we hand four different journals (three of them 5-subject) filled with notes back and forth to each other. We went through two pairs of best friends necklaces. We had inside jokes that were funny, some that weren’t funny, and some that were mean.

DSCF1204I remember being worried going into high school that we wouldn’t be friends anymore, because we might not see each other as often.


I shouldn’t have worried.


Going from high school into college, I worried we wouldn’t stay friends. We’d be in different cities, after all. And you lose your high school friends, right? That’s what they say.


I shouldn’t have worried.

Now we’ve both graduated from college. We’re not only in different cities, we’re in different states. We have different life goals, different dreams. Should I worry?

 DSCN1672  DSCN1459DSCF2172  DSCN1834DSCN1407  DSCF1361 DSCF2145

PICT5333    S&M=POTC2 4

smFor some reason, I just don’t think so.

Miss you bud. Congrats on graduation. I’m super poor right now, so consider this public declaration of friendship to be your present.





3 thoughts on “people let me tell you ’bout my best friend

  1. Shelby hold on to that friendship – when everything else in life is turning upside down she will be the one to hold your hand and pull you through. Friendships like that are very rare and hard to come by. I miss you and love reading your blogs, please keep them coming! I love you! Bridget

  2. Love this! Reminds me of my bestie since 8th grade and me. We backpacked Europe together for a month…13 cities in 30 days….your Paris pic made me smile remembering! She is now in Seattle and I am here and we are still together 🙂

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