Model, Incorporated

This one is going to be short and sweet today, fellows!

This is definitely not my regular type of book. I got this one on the cheap and may have been a bit confused as to what it was about, but I don’t regret the purchase!

This is a quick and entertaining read that provides an interesting insight to the model world while also being a story about relationships and what a struggle it can be to form them. Also, this is apparently a sequel but I never read the first book and really don’t feel like I was missing anything.

One of things I found out this time around is that Carol Alt is a famous model in her own right. Obviously I know absolutely nothing about modeling, but I’m assuming her time in the business allowed for a true behind the scenes story.

I didn’t really find a favorite sentence or passage because in my opinion, this just isn’t that kind of story. I don’t think it’s frivolous or anything, but it really is just a nice diverting book.

Would I recommend it? Sure! It’s a fun look at the type of like us regular people have no access to, and isn’t a bad story either! Win win, right?

Will I read it again? I need to stop asking this question. I’m not positive there will be many times I’ll say no.

Are you interested in purchasing this book? If so, and if you like Amazon and also like me maybe you’ll buy it from here!

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by Kate Atkinson

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