Sense and Sensibility

Coming straight from last week’s Pride and Prejudice review, we’re moving right along to another Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility.

While there is still a sense of ‘wow, cool, history!’ for me with this book, I don’t like it nearly as much as I do Pride and Prejudice. Sadly, it’s quite likely got something to do with the fact that I love the P&P movie so much that it influences my reading of the book. I haven’t ever seen any of the film adaptions of S&S, so maybe if I do I’ll come to love it.

I do also know that S&S was her first novel, and maybe that also plays into it. I just realized I’m making it sound like I don’t enjoy this book, which really isn’t true! It’s just that reading it right after P&P is maybe not the best idea because I’m still coming off of the high from that book and this one just can’t support it.

It’s another story of girls meet boys, boys are mean and rude but some are nice and eventually they get married. The end!

Still though, they are enduring. Sense and Sensibility was written in 1811 for crying out loud! Why are these romantic comedies still so relevant and read? I think it’s because Jane Austen has got something special, and also because we (as modern people) have a sort of history hard-on for the landed gentry of old.

I mean, come on, Downton Abbey anyone?

I mean COME ON

Of course, a great deal of the drama in these Austen novels is that her landed gentry are living in houses which aren’t quite as grand as these, and the father is dying or old or dead and the girls have no choice but to marry rich or be destitute.

Why do we like these books so much? I don’t know. But I like them. I’d love to get the rest of her books. And I’d love for you to read them to!

Look how pretty this copy of the book is! I want it! If you want it too, or want to buy it for me, get it from this link! I get points!



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