going, going, going?

I have a perpetual case of ants-in-the-pants.

I can’t sit still. If I’m not happy someplace, my immediate inclination is to move on.

bigger. better. different. elsewhere. somewhere. go. go. go.

I don’t know why. This is just the way I am.

Some things are happening in my life right now. I’ll share them soon, once everything settles and I can sort of see what the path looks like. Right now I’m taking life a day at a time, struggling not to get pulled under by the multitude of choices and options I have before me.

I’m so much happier than I was even a few weeks ago. I had gotten complacent and was dying inside because nothing was happening. My life was stilted and stalled. Sure, it’s stressful to have things be in turmoil, but at least I’m moving. I don’t know where my destination is or even what it is, but I’m going. Going, going, going.


3 thoughts on “going, going, going?

  1. Shelby, I hear that actors and dancers are being hired and needed at several locations in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

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