radio silence

I got lucky with the past two Mondays because of my new books. I’m facing down this Monday, and I’ve got nothing.

I’m still waiting. Hopefully the thing I’m waiting on will magically appear before Friday, and my life won’t be as directionless as it has been for the last month.

Until then, I’m just floating. I’m working, but less. At one point I was facing down the idea of having four or five jobs at once, and that was awful. I turned down a job, I quit a job (I am the worst telemarketer in the world, even if I am selling subscriptions for regional theatres). I have one job that may or may not start in time for it to be of use to me. I’m reading. I’m writing (1000 words a day, it’s hard but so worth it). And in the meantime, there’s just not much to show for it. Which is hard, because the world we live in now is all about showing the bounty of our day to day lives. I’ve never been particularly good at it, but it’s especially awkward when I feel like I can’t move. The decision I have to make can’t be made until I have all of the information.

So send good thoughts that the information appears before Friday, like it’s supposed to. I’ll give you a hint though, I’m dealing with a country well known for the loops the bureaucracy makes you jump through, so I won’t be too surprised if it doesn’t show. If it doesn’t, my dad has already given permission for me to make a long distance phone call to get answers for myself (I should specify that my wonderful parents are still paying my phone bills, so him giving me permission is a very nice thing to do, not a weird control thing!).

I did get to see my little brother and eat queso this past weekend, so that’s always nice. some people think we look alike.

Sorry for the boring update, but that’s my life at the moment. It should be changing soon. So keep your little peepers open and maybe you’ll hear about something super exciting, or super mundane. Regardless, you’ll hear something.


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