World War Z

I have a secret for you guys:


I LOVE zombie books. The majority of my zombie stories are on ebook, so I won’t get around to reviewing them for a while, but I love ’em. Pretty much anything zombie – movies, tv shows, books – I’m into it. I don’t know why, and truly it’s a fairly recent acquisition. I read a set of books that I absolutely love and that’s what really got me started. A short while after they began to make The Walking Dead, and I think that is what truly cemented my love affair with the zombie story.

ANYWAY: World War Z. I admit it, I read this book because of the hype. Even before the movie it was one of the more well known zombie books (at least insofar as the general reading public goes), so I figured I oughta try it! Let me tell you, it’s whole different ride from the movie. I let my dad and cousin borrow the book to read after they had both seen the movie, and let’s just say they were more than a little surprised by what they got. It’s still totally worth reading though, I just think that if you’ve seen the movie you should come at the book as a mostly unrelated creature.

If you’ve ever read Dracula, the style of this book is similar in that the story comes to pass through reading the tales of a variety of different people dealing with a very large subject matter. It is, of course, vastly different that Dracula, I just remember when I first read it I was reminded of that particular book. Now, to my understanding this is what bothered my Dad. So be aware that you are not really reading a linear storyline told by one character but rather piecing together the happenings of an immense story through the bits and pieces given up.

I like this book. I think it’s a good story and it’s an interesting way to read it. I also like the movie, even though I don’t really think the two are comparable. The book is intriguing and also extremely human, because the people who relate these stories to the reader have gone through and survived horrible things. It’s definitely different than, you know, reading about the zombies attacking as it happens or whatnot, but I think it makes something strange and unreal (like the zombie apocalypse) and makes it something the reader could relate to. Or at least understand.

I like the movie for different reasons. Mostly zombies, and also Brad Pitt. Both things have their place, and that place is on any screen I might happen to watch.

Try this book! Even if the idea of reading a book about zombies sounds weird, this is a good book. And you never know, you might find a new type of story you like to read!

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