Those Across the River

I’ve got to admit, I love scary stories.

There are a couple of my friends that will go to scary movies with me, I love the collective feeling of an entire audience holding their breath or hiding behind their hands while peeking through their fingers.

Elementary school is pretty much the only time in my life that I constantly checked books out of a library. I like to have new books that are my own and have never been anyone else’s – unless they are really, really old. I come by this honestly. My mom doesn’t want anything that has ever been used by another human being. One time my dad was going to buy her a gift card for a present and thought about getting her one someone else was selling, you can buy it for the same price you would buy a new one, but the used one generally has more money on it. Thankfully I was able to convince him that my mother would not appreciate that gift at all.

Anyway, back on point. I used to check out this series of books called Scary Stories to Read in the Dark. 

The stories themselves were scary, but the artwork was terrifying. I routinely gave myself nightmares after reading them. Why are they available to little kids anyway?

And I’m a total scaredy cat. Even still after watching a scary movie I’ll turn off my light and quickly bundle myself under the covers, because obviously bad things can’t get you under the covers. Also, I refuse to look at mirrors in the dark. Won’t do it.

So, this book.

It’s not a horror novel or anything. It’s not even scary in the sense I’ve described earlier, it’s just good and spooky. Got a little bit of a creepy factor. It’s one of those where you might be reading on your own and something creaks somewhere else in your house and you get a delicious little shiver up your spine.

I like it, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about. Not really. It’s too good for me to clue you in on much. It’s based after WWI, when a man and his lady go back to his roots in a little bitty town in Georgia that’s been tainted by the blood of his ancestors. Creepy hijinks ensue!

It’s good and you should read it. This was my second time through, and already knowing what went bump in the dark didn’t make it any less enjoyable this time around, so that’s a definite success in my book.

Taking my advice? Already have an Amazon account? Marvelous. Click right here!

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