The Sacred Bones

This is an interesting cover to me. I think it’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s familiar with the idea of crucifixion. It also irritated me a little bit when I first saw it because one of the first things I remember learning about actual crucifixion is that the nails went through the wrists, not the hands.

Anyway. This book is one of those sort of re-writing history tales. As in, hey look, we found this cool old thing and it completely changes lots of important things we thought we understood about history! Also there’s a beautiful woman (but ONLY ONE because no one wants to read about women you fool) and a crazy bad man and hijinks! So many hijinks! Read it read it read it READ IT. Or at least, that’s how I perceive this brand of book that seems to have risen in popularity after The Da Vinci Code made a crap ton of money.

The story of this particular book was at least a little intriguing to me when I bought it, because even though we already know that I’m a cheaposaurus, I’m still not spending my hard earned three dollars on a book that doesn’t sound good.

So, there’s not much I can say here without sharing too much of the point, although I think the cover of the book as well as the title has done a pretty good job of telling us exactly what to expect. I mean, okay. Sacred Bones. I wonder whose bones? Oh, crucified hands you say? Gee, I just can’t think of any person that has been deemed sacred who could have been reduced to bones after they were crucified.

definitely not this guy

Are you interested in books about discoveries of historical things that would have a humongous impact on the world? Do you like hearing about Jesus? Try this book on for size. It ain’t shabby.

Do you not want to hear anything about Jesus ever? Don’t read it. You definitely don’t want to read a fictional story about Jesus’ historical possibilities? Okay great, why are you still reading this?

But if you do think this sounds like it could be a fun read even if the main woman character is so beautiful she knocks people breathless all the time and we hear about how great her eyes are for just way too long, check out this link! It’ll take you to a place where you can buy it!

for next week:


by Michael Byrnes

okay yes i also bought the sequel so sue me

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