The Sacred Blood


Where I thought the first book fell in line with plenty of other good old fashioned Indiana Jones type stories, this one fell flat.

It kind of got weird and introduced a whole ‘nother plot line that wasn’t touched on in the first book and felt like an afterthought. Maybe it wasn’t, it was all planned out before he put pen to paper with this series, but it felt tacked on. Like maybe because the first book had some success (I’m assuming?) he thought to capitalize on it with this sequel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I would prefer an entirely new idea as opposed to a random and chaotic sequel to an idea.

But maybe this is your kind of thing and you’ll love it. I hope so, because everyone should have a thing to love no matter what other people may think of it. It’s not my thing, but I’ve got my own thing. You go do you, and I’ll be happy over here being me. Probably without reading this one again, unless I hold onto it and forget how I felt about it this time around. Which is entirely plausible.

Want to read it despite (or maybe because) of my awesome review skills? Great. Try it here:


for next week:


by Kyle Chais

and it ain’t gonna be pretty


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