The A.B.C Murders

Oh my fine and lovely friends, we’re heading into Christie territory.

I LOVE Agatha Christie’s books. One of my goals is to own all of them, and so far I think I have 25. So get ready, because the next 25 weeks are going to be a mysterypalooza. If this sounds a little overwhelming or you’re not sure if you’re into Agatha Christie, I have a few words of wisdom for you:

You are dead wrong.

Agatha is the and I will enjoy her books evermore. If you haven’t delved into the magical lake of Christie, come on in. The water’s fine.

One quick note: I organize my books alphabetically, first by author’s last name and then by the title of the book (unless the books are in a series). This means that I will be reviewing these books out of publishing date order. I’ll include the date of publication just because it can sometimes be interesting, but that also means that some weeks (like this one!) we’ll be going through a book that starts after Poirot’s supposed retirement.

This is the book cover I have but I wish I had this book cover:

I like it so much better!

This book was published first in 1936 and cost $2! Wish I had an original.

Anyway, this book is fun because like I said, it happens after Poirot’s official career is over. If you don’t know who Hercule Poirot is, he’s Agatha’s main man who is featured in many of her books (although apparently she didn’t like him very much). He’s a detective from Belgium (so he’s Belgish? Belge? what the heck are people from Belgium called?) so he throws out French phrases and I love it.

This particular mystery comes to Poirot, as opposed to him seeking it out or happening upon it. For that reason it is very interesting to try to puzzle out why a criminal would seek out a world famous detective and flaunt a group of murders under his nose. It keeps you on your toes and I think the reveal is a good one!

Read it! Read it! Do it! Do it! It’s quick and fun and I like trying to see if I can figure out the culprit before they’re revealed at the end. Even though this was my second time reading it, I had forgotten who it was and even though I had an idea, Agatha is just so good that I wasn’t sure until the end! Love her. We’d just be the greatest of friends if we had the chance. In fact:


Hanging out with my buds.

Want to purchase this little lovely? Here’s one place you can do just that:



for next week:


by Agatha Christie


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