And Then There Were None

also published as Ten Little Indians

Here we go folks, time for me to talk about the book that started it all (and by it all I’m talking about my love affair with Agatha Christie books, if you haven’t figured that out yet). This is likely one of her most famous books, and for good reason. It’s a really good book. And a really good mystery.

My book cover is without a doubt the most boring one out there. I don’t remember when I bought this book, but I do remember that it was something we read in my 8th grade English class. First things first – I had a WONDERFUL teacher. I still remember all of the prepositions (except the bs) because of the songs she taught us. I thoroughly enjoyed that class, and I am forever thankful for the multitude of amazing teachers who poured their lives into the craft that is dealing explicitly with other people’s horrible children. Because other people’s children are always horrible, it’s just a fact of life.

Anyway, I also enjoyed that class because my best friend was also in that class, and many shenanigans were to be had. After reading this book, we also watched a film (for the life of me I don’t remember which one), and some of the acting in it gave us the giggles. I’m sure we thought we were so very sneaky passing notes back and forth to each other making fun of one actor or another, but I distinctly remember Mrs. Wilkins suddenly appearing behind us having seen (and read, I think) the whole exchange. I can’t remember what she said or did, but I do remember that movie, and reading that book introduced me to a type of fiction I had never spent much time in before.

Dame Agatha Christie was a woman ahead of her time. When they produced a stage play and subsequent film, they had to change significant parts of the novel because some of the subject matter (abortion and the like) was apparently unacceptable to talk about. You could read about it, sure. But you voice that shit aloud and you’d get a swift punch to the right eye (I’m assuming).

If you haven’t heard enough about this book to know what it’s about, I implore you, buy it today. Read it. I hope you have no idea of what to expect because it’s so much more magical that way. Every time I reread this I’m struck again by Christie’s ingenuity and savvyness. I am always impressed, and this book while always be one of my favorites because it was my first.

I just looked it up and wikipedia tells me this book is her “best-selling novel with 100 million sales to date, making it the world’s best-selling mystery ever, and one of the best-selling books of all time.” So, you know, there’s that incredibly impressive piece of information. This implies that there aren’t many who haven’t come into contact with this book, which just makes me smile. To have made piece of art that endures in this sort of way, wow.

I like it. Go read it. Talk to me about it. Visit your local book store and pick up a copy. Borrow from your local library. Purchase from your ebook seller of choice. Never forget that how you spend your money shows what it is you support. Support the continued production of books.

for next week:


by Agatha Christie

*this book was originally published under a not at all nice title, and although things of that ilk should certainly be discussed, i will leave the topic of language, linguistics, racism, history, and the use of derogatory words to those with more wisdom than i.

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