Cards on the Table

Once again I am not a fan of this cover. It’s so blah and bland and it upsets me that I could have had any of these: 

all of which tell a better story than my awful one up there.

Anyway. This particular novel has a forward from Dame Agatha. I love it when authors write forwards, because it makes me feel like we’re friends. I’ve already established that I like the idea of me being friends with cool people, so if an author writes a forward, you bet your panties I’ll read it.

In the forward, it’s established that there are four possibilities for whodunit and we will know them all from the beginning. She tells us that each person has already murdered and that they could all easily have done it again. In this way, the reader gets to focus in with Poirot and Battle as they try to figure it out. This mystery is fun and interesting to me because there is no doubt that one of these people is the murderer, so how do you puzzle out who has committed the new murder when the people you are looking at have all successfully committed and gotten away with one before?

Read it and weep folks. Or don’t, because there’s not much in here that should make you weep. So just read it, and then maybe have a nice chuckle because you’re alive and opportunity is always in front of you.

for next week:


by Agatha Christie

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