The Clocks

once again with the underwhelming cover

One of my favorite things to do when reading an Agatha Christie book is to try to figure out who the culprit is. I’m sure many people enjoy doing this and might be part of the popularity behind mystery novels. We like to apply ourselves, try to puzzle it out, see if we can beat the author to the reveal.

Most of the time I feel like Christie gives enough information for the reader to follow the mystery completely, and possibly figure it out beforehand. It’s always fun to look back after finishing and see what clues you may have missed. This book falls short of that for me. There’s two different stories that improbably collide at the end, and I can’t really see that the reader is given the same information that Poirot is given. I know that she was not a particular fan of her creation, and it almost seems like she wanted the rest of the world to see why she disliked him so much through this book.

While still not a bad book, there are so many coincidences and overused ideas (someone may know something, but alas! they are killed before they can share what they know) that I’d have to classify this book as a near miss. A little underwhelming, like my crappy cover.

One thing I’d like to do once I own all of the Agatha Christie books would be to read them in publication order. Often there are references to characters I’m not familiar with because I’m reading a later book. Also, Poirot is much older and retired in many of my books, and I think she had definitely gotten tired of him by this point.


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by Agatha Christie

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