Death on the Nile

This is what my cover looks like, only mine’s a little more of a pale orange and it also has an informative little box that lets you know there’s an A&E original movie. So my cover be boring and ugly, but at least there’s that.

Yum. This book is yum. It’s got an incredible cast and a mystery you’ll be able to chew on for days. Also I love the setting and can just imagine the beauty of the backdrop.

Although I do feel that Christie is the queen of twists and surprise endings, I also think she gives the reader just enough morsels of information that one could puzzle out the culprit.

The premise of this story leads you to dislike many of the characters (in my opinion), which makes it even easier to believe that they may be capable of murder. And when murder happens, it happens suddenly and quickly and the bodies just keep dropping. This is a top tier mystery with plenty of suspense that will keep the reader engaged until the very end.

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by Agatha Christie


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